All You Need to Know About Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10122

By Gary Cutlack on at

It's nearly new Windows time, when the PC users of the world will have a new toy to play with -- and spend many millions of hours trying to get everything back to how it was on the version they've just replaced.

What is Build 10122? 

It's the preview version of Windows 10 for desktop PCs, which Microsoft is giving out, free, to members of its Windows Insiders scheme, so the hardcore OS enthusiasts can test it and give their feedback on features and bugs.

Has it got a Start Menu this time? Because last time there was this almighty thing where...

Yes, from day one it'll be just like having beloved old Windows XP back again, with the Start button right there for everyone. It's been jiggled around in Build 10122 so that users can access the File Explorer and Settings right from the menu, plus Tablet Mode now automatically collapses the Menu for more screen to play with.

What else is new in this build? 

Lots of things. The Edge browser, formerly known as Project Spartan, has been updated again, now featuring a New Tab Page like... other browsers. The ability to pin websites to the Start menu might be handy if you're stuck in your ways and only ever read the Daily Mail and Reddit, plus Microsoft's copied Chrome's audio indicator option -- so tabs making noises have an obvious icon in the tab header.

Microsoft's also changed the way default apps are handled in Windows 10. Apps are now banned from prompting you to change associations, lessening what MS calls the "unwanted noise" of continually being asked about what you want to happen when you click on a picture or the Microsoft Works file your CV is still stored in.

What's broken? 

Microsoft is apologising to users with AMD GPUs for the Edge/Spartan browser crashing a lot. There are also bugs with Cortana speech, but that's OK as no one is likely to bother with that.

What's been fixed? 

MS says Start menu performance should be smoother for most users in this build, with some graphical glitches being fixed. Microsoft Edge crashes less too, so it'll be easier than ever to open it up and search for "Chrome download." Font rendering should be better on mega-HD screens, plus several tweaks to settings and keyboard shortcuts ought to make everything a more intuitive, less crashy experience.

When's it out for normal people? 

This summer, once the high-functioning nerds have sorted out all/most/some of the bugs and glitches via these preview builds, and it's declared safe to be sent out en masse to us via PC World and to old ladies via Argos. [Microsoft]