Apple Music Will Feature a Social Network for Artists

By Nick Cowen on at

Another day, another Apple rumour, with this particular one coming courtesy of those in the know over at 9to5mac. According to Mark Gurman, Apple's much anticipated streaming music service is likely to imaginatively be called 'Apple Music' and will feature a deep, integrated social network for artists.

Citing "industry sources briefed on the plans for the new service", Gurman goes on to say that artists will be able to have their own homepages in the service, which will allow them to share music – both their own and by other artists – upload photos and videos and post concert listings. Kind of like they do right now on other social networks – except in the case of the bigger names, we're guessing they have an intern running the page.

If this sounds a little bit like Ping, Apple's failed attempt at a social network, well, then, yes – there's an element of that. However, in the case of Apple Music (or whatever it ends up being called) only the artists will be able to have their own profiles. So if you wanted to talk to Tim Cook, you're out of luck, it seems.

The service is likely to be announced in the near future and since Apple's WWDC keynote is just around the corner (on June 8th), if the predictions are correct, we'll probably get the details soon. In the meantime The Verge reports that Apple Music will probably launch with a free trial, hinting that their won't be a long-term streaming option as there is currently with Spotify.