Apple Watch Owners Form Lonely Hearts Group on Reddit

By Nick Cowen on at

If you're one of the rich, spend-thrifty few who can actually afford an Apple Watch, you may have found that there's a downside to being in an exclusive club of gadget hounds - you get lonely. Very lonely indeed.

Such is the life of an early-adopter; you have to wait until your mates either come into a windfall such that they feel like investing in a shiny new Apple bauble or that the price on the Apple Watch comes down. Until then, you're faced with the reality that if you send out a tap, a drawing or a heartbeat, you could be waiting an awfully long time for a response.

Luckily, for those lonely Apple Watch owners, Reddit has come to the rescue. The forum has started a subreddit for all the early adopters in need of a couple of pings from strangers to feel like their purchase was justified. R/lonelyheartbeats apparently has around 88 subscribers so far and as redditor nooshaw has told Wired Magazine, it's more popular than reddit expected.

“It started as a group of Watch buyers who didn’t know anyone else that was getting one and wanted to play with the Watch to watch heartbeats, sketches, and tap features,” nooshaw told Wired. “[It] Looks like people are connecting and tapping each other with dick pics being the norm.”

So if you're feeling alone in your exclusive little tech clique, R/lonelyheartbeats may be worth a visit, if only to feel that your bank balance hasn't cast made you a social outcast. Mind you, you could always call up your mates and go to the pub instead. Just saying.