Are Rooftop Farms the Future of London?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Architects paid to have a good think on work time have come up with some ideas about the future of the world's cities, with one of the suggestions being a network of rooftop farms to meet the capital's spiralling demand for all the types of poncy modern salad leaves.

Niche TV channel Yesterday compiled opinions from a panel of architects and engineers, asking the teams who shape our skylines what they think cities could look like 100 years from now. They didn't just say "more cars" and "Aldis everywhere."

The thinkers compiled a top ten of Things Most Likely to Happen, a list that ranges from the obvious -- more of the super basements that are already being dug out by the super rich -- to the bizarre. One of the strangest suggestions is that there might be floating sea cities in 100 years time, to get around the two-pronged urban assaults of over population and rising sea levels.

More thoughtful claims say we might see rooftop farms creating local produce, or 3D printed buildings, perhaps even going so far as having homes or areas with their own micro-climates -- like the Eden Project but on a massive scale and with flats for rich people to be warm in all the time.

It's all a bit of guesswork in places, though, with number 8 on the list of ten future ideas being "Spaceports with easy access to the moon and Mars," something not even Arthur C Clarke would've imagined might one day be installed on the roof of Tottenham Court Road station. [TimeOut]