Beam Smart Projector Turns Lamps into Wall Art

By Gary Cutlack on at

Beam comes with the tagline "Screw it in and have fun," which is quite a claim for a modest portable projector. The concept is that this can chuck your phone screen on to the ceiling for bed-based enjoyment, or turn any lamp into a combined LED light and miniature projector.

The device fits in any (US, screw type) light bulb fitting, with the lofty idea that it might be used to throw pictures on walls, project tabletop games onto the tops of tables, while also coming with a programmable system that lets you tell it what to do via smartphones and tablets.

The makers suggest that if it knows you've come home later than usual it might be taught to put the menu of your local pizza house up on the wall, for example, or select custom audio playlists based on how many people might be in your lounge.

As you might expect of such a niche tech device offering supposed life-enhancements for wealthy millennials who think everything needs to be automated because it's the future, it's a Kickstarter funded product. So it's not out yet. Should the makers stick to their promises, Beam will be in the hands of backers by October, with normal shoppers able to buy one for a November delivery for $429 (£280). [Beam via Pop Up City]