Bizarre iPhone Messages Hack Locks App and Crashes Phone

By Gary Cutlack on at

A straightforward text message has the ability to completely break the iOS Messages app, locking users out of their messaging tool and causing iPhones to crash and reboot.

The text string only works when sent from an Apple device to another Apple device, so unfortunately Android users can't perform drive-by phone crash attacks on their iPhone-owning enemies. The hack is brutal -- once the message is received it instantly crashes the app and reboots the phone, leaving users unable to work out the cause. The "Genius" workers of the world may have a busy day today.

Happily for owners of £600 gold telephones, the damage is not irreversible. When another message arrives the bad text is shuffled down the list, meaning the app no longer crashes and the phone is perfectly usable once again. This means there's currently a massive opportunity out there to set yourself up as a street iPhone repair man and earn a quick £50 a pop from sending people a message.

If you want to try it yourself or on someone else to convince them you have magic powers, the precise unicode text string you need to break an iPhone can be copied and pasted out of a Reddit thread. We won't paste it here in case it breaks your eyes or stops your ears hearing certains phrases. [Reddit via 9to5Mac]