BT's Home Smartphone Knows You Don't Want a Landline

By Nick Cowen on at

Do you still use a landline phone? Really? Probably not; between the costs for data and calls your smartphone eats up more than its fair share of your hard-earned salary, so why bother to rack up landline calls on top of that? Lord alone knows line rental on a phone you can't take outside of your house seems like a waste of money in this day and age.

In an attempt to lure punters back to their service, BT has launched the Home SmartPhone S II, an Android-powered phone that allows users to muck about with apps, download content from the Google Play Store and interact with their mates across a range of social networks. This is the second time BT has offered a smartphone landline package to consumers, but since the last one didn't allow access to the Play Store, it didn't do very well.

The new SmartPhone SII packs 2GB expandable memory, boasts a front-facing camera, answerphone, hands-free capability and also comes armed with call-blocking functionality. You can stream media on it and download apps and games, provided you're connected to a WiFi network.

Sounds like a smartphone, really, doesn't it. Yeah, except the range isn't exactly compatible - 300m outdoors. That, and the fact that it costs £169.99, which is more expensive than some current-gen smartphones that aren't tied to a wall.

Still if you want the old-school landline feel with current-gen app bells and whistles this may be what you're looking for. Why'd you be looking for that is another matter entirely...