Channel 4 is Advertising 'Persona Synthetics' Cyborg Humans That You Can (Sort of) Buy

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ever wanted your own cyborg servant? Well then, have you never seen Alien? If you have, and still don't find the prospect unnerving, you probably found yourself captivated by an advertising campaign broadcast on Channel 4 over the weekend, promoting a company called Persona Synthetics:

Is Persona Synthetics a Real Company? Err...

The eerie clip (which suitably aired during last night's screening of Prometheus) seems to show off like a legitimate advert for a product you can buy -- except, of course, there's no way that modern robotics is capable enough to deliver a humanoid, android helper this lifelike, let alone one that you'd able to purchase commercially.

And yet two different models, "Sally" and "Charlie", are currently "on sale" on eBay, with bids starting at a reasonable £20,000 each. With free shipping, no less. As pictured above, even a Regent Street shopfront seems to be gearing up to sell the droids, complete with an interactive display that allows you to view your potential worker-bot. "Teachers, helpers, friends", they're equipped with a 4CX-CNS processor that, were it capable of all touted here, would likely see Intel executives weeping over their Core i7s.

So what's going on? Well, it's a little less exciting than the stealth introduction of a world-changing technology, if no less intriguing. It's all part of a promo campaign for a new sci-fi tinged series starting on Channel 4 later this year called Humans. Starring John Hurt, Katherine Parkinson and Colin Morgan, the drama will explore our changing relationship with technology, as the lines between biological and artificial life becomes blurred. The eight-part series is based on a Swedish show, Real Humans, should you want to check out what to expect ahead of the UK version's release, and will be made by production company Kudos (previously responsible for the incredibly-underrated Utopia).

So breathe easy -- our new robot overlords are still a little way off from stealing our jobs and, probably, taking our lives, too.

Updated: This post was updated on May 11th to include details of the Kudos production company responsible for Channel 4's 'Humans', in which Persona Synthetics feature.