Chemistry is Easier to Learn When it's Disguised as a Card Game

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Putting “I won three games in a row” on your resume probably isn’t going to get you in the door at Dow Chemical, but a new card game called Ion that has players attempting to make compounds using the element cards they’ve been dealt could certainly be a solid first step towards getting your PhD in chemistry.

At the very least, the fast moving game could be a great way to introduce kids to the Periodic Table, or give adults a refresher course on the high school science they’ve long since forgotten. Do you remember what ‘Cl’ or ‘Ar’ stands for? You will after playing Ion.

To get your hands on a copy you’ll have to donate to the Ion’s Kickstarter campaign, though. It was attempting to raise $7,500/£4,919 to help put the game into production, but to date it has managed to secure $62,000/£40,664 from backers so it’s a safe bet you’re not taking that much of a risk with your own $19/£13 donation to pre-order one.

Delivery is expected later in the year closer to October, and unlike a piece of untested electronics that has to jump through countless testing hoops before it can reach consumers, all Ion needs is to be printed, sliced, and packaged before your copy arrives. So why not get some of your Christmas shopping done extra early this year? [Kickstarter - Ion]

This article originally appeared on Toyland, Gizmodo's toys and collectibles blog