Cornwall Council Furious Over BT's £260m IT System Failures

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT's just been lambasted by the Cornish, with Cornwall Council officers claiming they've had two years of IT hell since handing BT a £260m contract to handle their computer and human resources needs.

The council says the biggest underdelivery has come in the jobs area. BT said it would create 111 new jobs in the county and would "try" to deliver a further 240 positions, but, to date, only 35 people have come on board. A Cornwall Council report [PDF] also says the service provided by BT: "...has been getting worse and that the extent of Cornwall Council Service Transformation anticipated at the time of contract commencement has not reached anything like the intended levels."

BT's been paid £25m for running things so far, which is at least some good news, as cost saving were built into the contract -- so it's saving the council some mone, even though the deal with BT is turning out to have been a bit of a rubbish idea thus far.

The council is blaming itself for some of the lethargy in upgrading to Windows 7 as part of the deal with BT, saying staff have been skipping their computer upgrade slots in favour of sticking with their old XP builds. And that's OK, as Cornwall is still able to run on XP as the council explains: "Fortunately, because the government had negotiated the extension of support to Windows XP, the Council had not suffered the very serious consequences the delay would otherwise have caused." [BBC]

Image credit: Mevagissey from Shutterstock