David Cameron Believes You Should be Snooped On (Even if You Obey the Law)

By Nick Cowen on at

“For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'. It's often meant we have stood neutral between different values. And that's helped foster a narrative of extremism and grievance.

“This government will conclusively turn the page on this failed approach."

No, the above quote isn't from Alan Moore's V for Vendetta. It isn't from any Dystopian sci-fi series, either. That quote right there is from our own recently re-elected UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, who apparently doesn't believe that being a law-abiding citizen should be enough to keep the state out of your affairs.  Cameron has announced that Britain is a far too tolerant place and that people shouldn't be expected to be left alone by the state, regardless of whether they obey the law. Really.

Cameron made his remarks to the National Security Council where he revealed a raft of measures ostensibly aimed at cracking down on individuals promoting minority “extremist” views and taking actions for the “purpose of overthrowing democracy”.

The measures include submitting content slated for publication either in print or on social media to the police in advance and new powers gifted to Ofcom to pressure broadcasters that show content deemed “extreme” to censor output.

The Charity Commission would be handed the strengthened remit to look at charities suspected of misappropriating funds, too.

Well, we can't say we didn't see this one coming; with the Conservative Party re-elected with a majority, the snooper charter's back on the agenda and Cameron hinting at changes to privacy laws earlier this year. There are some who may argue that if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. Then again, comedian Rob Newman pointed out that another way of saying that is: "those who fear persecution, should be persecuted."