Did Guns N' Roses Rip off This Australian Song for Sweet Child O' Mine?

By Gary Cutlack on at

An ongoing internet brawl over the authenticity of the GNR classic is rumbling away like an unruly moshpit, with apparently huge similarities between the 1981 track Unpublished Critics by Australian Crawl seeing plagiarism accusations rock the legacy of the US rock giants' back catalogue.

It's unlikely you need to be reminded of how Sweet Child O' Mine goes seeing as it's been pre-loaded into the public consciousness since 1988, so here's the slightly less anthemic, but still oddly familiar, Unpublished Critics by Australian Crawl:

Australian Crawl singer James Reyne is being quite charitable about the furore surrounding the apparent similarities between the two songs instead of seeing dollar signs pinging up before his eyes, telling the Daily Mail: "I didn't really listen to the song ... I was probably more interested in their drug habits. I really wasn't that aware of Guns N’ Roses … It just didn't cross my radar because I was listening to other things."

He's obviously having a few dreams about what might happen to his life should 25 years' worth of backdated royalties hit his bank account, though, as he also said: "God forbid I had an active publishing company and they investigated the possibility," when asked about if he'd considered taking legal action. [Guardian]