Satisfy Your Spliff-Fuelled Hunger at the Cannabistro Pop-Up Restaurant

By Nick Cowen on at

Have you ever smoked a spliff? Did you inhale? Did you then become consumed with the idea that a truckload of popcorn would satiate the hunger cravings you had? Did you then sally forth into the night to find said popcorn only to find that your local corner shop had only Doritos? And no popcorn?

So you made the executive decision that salt was more important than fluffy popcorn seeds burst in oil. You bought the Doritos, headed home and ate the entire packet, waking up the next day with your fingers covered in cheese-flavoured MSG.

You were disgusted with yourself.

We're disgusted by you. We've never done anything like that. But we met someone in a pub once who told us about the experience. But we've never done it.

Well, if you're the sort of social deviant who partakes in this sort of behaviour, a pop-up restaurant in London now has your back. The new Cannabistro (yes, that's a word now) managed by the Grub Club and the chefs at Grub London is about to land in The Big Smoke.

The menu isn't going make you more slammed, by the way. The sample on show includes:  oxtail ravioli, homegrown herb, hemp and beef bone broth and hemp-cured mackerel, samphire, beetroot and horseradish. There's even a dish called  ‘The Munchies’ (and we have no idea what that's referring to) which re-incorporates a kebab and Snickers bar. This sounds absolutely revolting. If it entices you, you should be hanging your head in shame. Seriously. [Cannabistro]