Facebook Tests Search-Powered Link Sharing to Keep You in its World

By Gary Cutlack on at

A technical twiddle to the mobile Facebook app is being tested on some social guinea pigs in the US, with a small sample of iOS users now having the ability to add links to their posts -- links populated by the site automatically searching for URLs previously posted.

The move, which could see Facebook trying to skirt around Google in its battle to convince people that Facebook is the internet, sees users offered the option to "add a link" to their timelines in the bar where we usually see the photo/opinion/location sharing options. Previously users had to paste in a link to share a URL -- quite the chore on a bloody smartphone -- or share it from a rival app.

Click this option and the Facebook app trawls through all links added to it for a match when users start typing, making it easy to take something funny someone else has found and post it onto your own wall as if you are the person who finds all the funny things first, for maximum social media winnage.

It's obvious why Facebook is doing this -- to keep you staring it at it and its glorious stream of adverts on your phone for precious extra seconds, stopping people opening up other apps and search engines in their quest to be entertained. [WSJ]

Image credit: Techcrunch