Fujifilm X-T10: A Smaller and Simpler Version of the Lauded X-T1

By Michael Hession on at

Fujifilm has a reputation for making solid, retro-styled mirrorless cameras, and the latest, the X-T10, takes one of its most popular and high-performance bodies, the X-T1, and scales it down in size and price.

The X-T10 will appeal to people looking for the look and feel of a pro mirrorless camera, but slightly pared down and a tad cheaper. What you are getting with the X-T10 is a smaller body with more basic controls. It’s largely got the same guts as the X-T1, including its 16-megapixel sensor, processor, and electronic viewfinder. Yay sameness!

And why not? People generally love what Fujfilm has been doing with its cameras lately, and they will probably continue the love-fest with the release of the X-T10. After all, it is smaller and cuter. Other things about the X-T10 you may want to know:

It shoots at 8 fps in burst mode, features an updated focus system with zone selection and revamped subject tracking capabilities. You’ll also be able to switch on eye-detection and should see improvements in video autofocus. It should be noted that these focus improvements will be available for the X-T1 via a firmware update.

Fujifilm X-T10: A Smaller and Simpler Version of the Lauded X-T1

The X-T10 will also feature a pop-up flash, that classic signifier of a camera being directed at a slightly less advanced user. Another difference along those lines is the lack of any kind of weather-sealing, which the big-brother X-T1 features.

You’ll be able to get your hands on the X-T10 sometimes in June for a price of $800 (UK price TBC), body only. Fujifilm still faces some stuff competition offering cheaper but comparably capable shooters. Sony’s a6000 can be found for around £500, which is a steal. Olympus’ OM-D E-M10 is going for around £400. Both of these are amazing cameras that equal Fujfilm in many areas. Still, Fujfilm has somewhat of a cult following, so I’d expect a great many people to empty their wallets on the X-T10.