Full-Fat Google Maps Headed to Android Wear Smartwatches

By Gerald Lynch on at

If all you're looking for from a mapping application is turn-by-turn directions at the corner of a street junction, Google Maps for Android Wear currently has you sorted. However, if you want anything more than that, such as a detailed look at your surroundings and local amenities, you're back to pulling out your Android phone to get an in-depth look. It seems though that this may change soon, with some users reporting a more fully-featured version of the Google Maps application has hit their devices.

According to Android Central, updating Google Maps to version 9.9 on a phone brought with it some added benefits for the Android Wear smartwatch partner app. Working in a similar fashion to the smartphone or tablet version, it now supports pinch to zoom mapping, swipe controls for panning a map, and even opens with the "OK Google" voice command. While not a like-for-like wristbound version, it shows Google is working to give the smartwatch mapping app feature parity.

There are still some bugs to be ironed out, according to the report. Currently, on an LG Watch Urbane only a physical press of the side button can close the app. Launching the smartwatch app also seems to necessitate that the phone version of the app be automatically opened too. But for Android Wear owners who were miffed at how comparatively feature-rich the Apple Watch mapping app was, it seems Google is trying to make good on your loyalty.

No official word from Google at the time of writing, but let us know if you see your smartwatch maps make the upgrade after updating too. [Android Central]