Game Of Thrones Breaks its Own Piracy Record With 3.5 Million Viewers

By Nick Cowen on at

The TV audience numbers of Game Of Thrones may be dropping – although at over 6.3 million they're reportedly still nearly the same size of the population of London – but the illicit audience numbers aren't.

According to Variety, Game Of Thrones broke its own piracy record this weekend just gone, as 3.5 million people downloaded and watched “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken" in a 24-hour period. The previous piracy record was held by the Game Of Thrones episode entitled “Kill the Boy”, which was downloaded 3.22 million times in the same time frame.

Variety – quoting piracy-tracking firm, Excipio – notes that its source only tracks peer-to-peer sites, and doesn't include data on piracy-streaming sites, so it's more than likely that the number of illegal viewings of “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken" is probably a lot higher.

This rise in piracy comes in spite of the fact that HBO recently launched HBO Now an internet subscription service that costs only $15 per month. Then again, that service isn't available to folks outside the US.

We're interested to see whether that figure is improved upon next week as this last episode put a lot of viewers' noses out of joint because of its rape scene. Some of them even reportedly threatened to quit watching the show in the wake of it. Still, we doubt that the viewership will drop off too sharply: GoT is a juggernaut at this stage and its renewal for a new season is basically a foregone conclusion.