GCHQ's Government-Sanctioned Hackers Wanted: £28,000 Salary

By Gary Cutlack on at

The extremely boring job title of Computer Network Operations Specialist is what comes with the latest GCHQ hacker employment initiative, with the UK's security agency opening up its doors to any self-taught computer experts or hackers who fancy going legit to help secure the nation's borders against digital terrorism.

The starter-level internet security job is not being kept a particularly big secret by the spying agency. The job for hackers-turned-good is being publicly advertised on the usual internet job sites as well as on the GCHQ's own portal, which explain:

"As a cyber intelligence specialist, you might need to develop software to access the computers of a terrorist group, or carry out operations to retrieve vital online clues about the location and identity of members of an organised crime ring."

You would literally be hacking people's Gmail accounts and installing malware on others' computers on work time. There's a starting salary of £27,913 on offer to successful applicants, although the incredibly mundane Computer Network Operations Specialist job title will have people thinking you work in the IT department of an accountancy firm rather than sitting in a swivel chair in front of a map of the world pondering where next to strike. [GCHQ via Techradar]