German Art Gang Bricks Up Train Door

By Gary Cutlack on at

A gonzo group of German artists-slash-troublemakers has caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to an underground train in Hamburg, after sneaking in a stash of breeze blocks and enough padding material to block up a carriage door.

The artistic Hamburgers stuck eight rows of breeze blocks over the inside of the door opening, so a select bunch of passengers received a classic Looney Tunes-style reception when the door opened to travellers. The stunt's not quite as impressive as it initially seems, mind. They didn't go so far as to sneak wet cement down into the tunnels in their rucksacks, so the blocks are only wedged into place with expanding foam.

It did, however, remain undetected for a little while. Authorities say the blocked-up train may have passed through as many as 12 stations on Hamburg's S11 commuter line before it was brought to the attention of rail staff -- meaning quite a few baffled locals will have encountered the gonzo architectural artwork before the train was taken out of service.

A similar project due to take place in London has been delayed amid cost overruns, safety concerns, planning disputes, the discovery of a rare type of moss and a petition signed by as many as 27 annoyed cyclists. [Standard]