God Save the Queen (From Windsor Castle Drone Intruder)

By Gerald Lynch on at

With the laws surrounding the personal use of drones tightening up across the world, you'd have to be a bit dim to try flying one near to the Queen's gaff. But police have confirmed that one foolish flyer took his unmanned craft on a trip a little too close for comfort to the royal residence of Windsor Castle.

The drone was seen cruising just 50 metres from the the closely guarded site. And while the man's intentions seemed innocent, it raises further questions on the authorities' ability to protect against similar security infringements.

"(We) can confirm on Monday 27 April at 2015 hours, officers from the MPS stopped a man who was flying an unmanned aerial vehicle within 50 metres of a building not under his control contrary to Civil Aviation Legislation," said a Scotland Yard spokesperson.

"The man was spoken to and advised of the legislation. No further action has been taken."

As drone use becomes more widespread, the areas in which they are allowed to take to the skies become more contested. Scotland Yard has been reminding pilots to keep their craft 150 metres away from packed public spots and more than 50 metres away from buildings not owned by their pilots, while royal parks are now no-fly zones, too.

Image Credit: Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II (modified) from Shutterstock