Google I/O 2015: Watch the Keynote Livestream Right Here

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's Google Day! With the search giant's annual Google I/O conference kicking off later this evening, it'll soon be time to pop your Android phone on silent, dust off your Google+ account and settle in for a smorgasbord of news from the Mountain View crew.

The main event will be tonight's keynote speech, kicking off at 5.30pm UK time. And you'll be able to catch up on all the major announcements, as they happen, live. Just head back here at 5.30pm, when the little player below is magically brought to life with the dulcet tones of Google Senior VP Sundar Pichai as he leads proceedings:

So, what can we expect to see from Google I/O 2015. Potentially, lots! From Android M news to a major Internet of Things push, through to Google Glass 2.0 and a new Chromecast, there's plenty that Google could pluck out of the bag tonight, so it's definitely worth tuning in. In the meantime, check out our round up of all the latest Google I/0 2015 rumours and news, and keep an eye out for our full coverage later this evening.