Google Tone Shares Chrome Links Through Sound

By Nick Cowen on at

How many different ways do you need to share a link with your friends? We've got email, texts, social networks and work flow apps already. Was anyone hankering for a way to share URLs through sound?

Well, whether or not you were, the option now exists for you to do just that. Google has created an extension for its Chrome browser that allows you to ping links sonically to any of your mates within earshot of your computer – as long as they also have it installed.

The way it works is simple. Once you install Tone in your browser, you click the icon to send a message. The app then makes a noise and then other computers with Tone installed will receive a message along with a notification on who sent it. Apparently it was created for fun one afternoon, but according to a post on its research blog, Google personnel found themselves using it to collaborate on projects "without interrupting conversations".

How they were able to do this with Tone pinging around the office remains a mystery to us. It's also worth noting that if you work in a space that's constantly filled with noise, Tone may not be the medium best suited to share links and the like. To be honest it feels more like a gimmick than anything else, but hey, who doesn't love a new toy – especially one that's free.