Have You Ever Had a Computer-Based Dream?

By Kaila Hale-Stern on at

The other day I woke up convinced that work management sent out an email that never actually existed. The dream was so real I had to search my inbox just to be sure. Has this, or similar, ever happened to you?

By the nature of this job, and surely many professions that require lots of time on an computer and the internet, it is perhaps not surprising that the digital world finds its way into our deep-sleep REM dreams.

I’ve imagined computer screens for a long time — years before it had anything to do with my job. As a teenager I spent countless hours playing MUSH (multi-user shared hallucination) text-based games, and I would dream in Telnet terminal screens and “poses,” the written actions that drove gameplay. In university, I would wake up convinced I’d started my essays early, because I saw them scrolling past in Microsoft Word.

I’m curious if you’ve had a computer-based dream, and how much it correlates to your waking life. If you work with tech or the internet, do you picture your job? Or are you seeing something more fun — a video game, a much-loved online video star? If your work doesn’t involve being online except for communication and distraction from work, do you ever dream in screens? What about nightmares? Tell us in the comments.

Image via Wikimedia Commons