HBO Doesn’t Trust its Reviewers Anymore

By Sean Buckley on at

You can’t stop internet piracy — it’s like a force of nature — but that isn’t stopping HBO from trying. The US TV company just instituted a new anti-piracy measure that won’t affect you at all: it’s not giving reviewers DVDs anymore.

It’s a subtle change to how the company does business with the media, but it’s a shift in trust: apparently the four episodes of Game of Thrones that found their way online before the season five premiere originated from a review DVD. Reviewers will still get early access to new episodes, but from now on they’ll only be available through a secure streaming service.

This isn’t going to stop piracy of course, not by a long shot — would-be leakers will still be able to use screen capture software and other methods to poach the show — but like I said, HBO is trying. [Engadget]