Here, Watch Taylor Swift's New Video on Work Time, it's Got Gadgets in it

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tron bikes. The video for Taylor Swift's new single Bad Blood has got Tron bikes in it. Everyone likes Tron and Tron is about computers and technology so we're allowed to write about Taylor Swift today and you're allowed to watch it at 720p. It's practically work.

Taylor and her gang of leather-clad superbabe cronies also blow up London, for some, possibly ironic reason the short action film's subtext doesn't really make clear, so it's entirely OK that Gizmodo UK, a technology news site based in the UK, is watching it repeatedly and doing a post about it for pretty transparent reasons to do with page views.


Have that, capitalism. Taylor Swift says more about the banking crisis in 12 frames of a video than Robert Peston has managed in the last seven years. Here, for the sake of completion and so you've got something to talk to people about today, is the video everyone's talking about today:

It's a bit like a made-for-ITV3 superhero film with a terrible soundtrack. She's too thin to make a believable kickboxer, plus the Tron bike sequence is only really an excuse for her and one of her sexy celebrity friends to take their helmets off and dramatically shake their hair out. Overall we give it 3/5. [YouTube]