Here's Samsung's Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edition – and You Can't Have One

By Nick Cowen on at

Avengers Assemble! With your phones! Wait, that should be phone! And only if you live in the Far East!

Yes, in news that may have Marvel fanboys (and girls) scratching their noggins all over the US, Europe and... well, everywhere else other than South Korea, Hong Kong and China, Samsung has unveiled a rather sleek Galaxy S6 Avengers tie-in that'll apparently only be sold in those regions.

Decked out in shiny red and gold – mirroring the armour Tony Stark has a penchant for flying about in – the Samsung Iron Man Galaxy S6 64GB handset is set to be launched on May 27th in South Korea. It's a very limited run: only 1,000 units are going to be released initially and Lord alone knows what they'll cost. TechRadar reports that China and Hong Kong will see some go on sale in June, but right now there's no word on whether Samsung has any plans to release them in the west.

If it doesn't we expect some pretty audible wailing and gnashing of teeth because apart from it lush, sleek design, the Samsung Iron Man Galaxy S6 smartphone comes packaged with a wireless charging dock in the shape of an Arc Reactor. It also has Iron Man's stoic-looking helmet engraved on the back and more shellhead-themed wallpapers than you can shake a stick at.

So, you can either book a flight to South Korea this week or you can simply stare at this lovely piece of Marvel-themed kit in envy and then wander away muttering, "well, it's probably not that great anyway!" We know what we'll be doing.