Hollywood Blockbuster Movie Trailer Edit Proves They're all the Same

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ever get a weird feeling of deja vu when watching the movie trailer for this year's stupid CGI fest? You're not the only one, and we now have documentary evidence that all Hollywood trailers are built to the same template thanks to a lovely mash-up of blockbuster footage.

The clip, called All Trailers are the Same!!!, edits together all the moody voiceovers, explosions, landmark collapses, tempo changes, slow-motion shots of the main character failing to understand the enormity of something that's just happened and the BLEUARGH sound that accompanies the edits in every modern trailer, creating the ultimate compilation of obvious scenes.

It also highlights the impenetrable, supposedly meaningful nonsense that characters churn out during these teasers and the "let's go" action launch moment they all have as well, and is enough to make you swear to only watch semi-improvised Australian art house productions about suburban drug addiction and BBC4 documentaries on the history of caravanning from now on.

The sad thing is, if they'd uploaded this clip under the name Ultimate Superheroes of War and said it was a real film, people would no doubt be booking tickets for it right now -- and Sony Pictures would be on the phone to the makers about rebooting Spider-Man again in time for half-term week. [YouTube]