How to Get Around the Amazon Free Delivery £20 Minimum Spend

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last week Amazon made a change that saw the minimum spend for Free Super Saver Delivery go up from £10 to £20. It was an irritating move that's definitely not a ploy to try and get people to fork out £79 a year for Amazon Prime. Well don't, if you don't want to, because there's a loophole to get Amazon free delivery. And it's really, really simple.

Just pre-order something that won't be out for months.

You see, the minimum spend only applies to the total cost of an entire order, not necessarily how much you're actually going to pay. By pre-ordering you bump up the total price of your order, but because Amazon doesn't charge you until the product is dispatched you can easily cancel it with no repercussions. Let's take a look at an example.

The Amazon Free Delivery Trick in Action

This is my test order with the initial product that I wanted to buy:

amazon free delivery

As you can see it's asking me to add more things to make sure I'm eligible for free delivery. So I added a pre-order, in this case Halo 5: Guardians for Xbox One.

amazon free delivery

Free delivery. As you can see below both of the Halo 5 and the amazingly cool Guilty Spark keychain are part of the same order, but have different dispatch and delivery estimates. The keychain due later this week, and Halo 5 due at the end of October.

amazon free delivery

Just to be safe, wait until your initial item has been dispatched, then cancel the pre-order.

amazon free delivery

There you have it, you just ordered less than £20 worth of stuff without having to pay for Prime or delivery. This trick also works for those pesky 'add-on items' that force you to buy some other junk you don't actually need.

Can the Amazon Free Delivery Trick Last?

With £20 a more pocket-pinching figure than the earlier £10 limit, don't be surprised if Amazon gets wise to this loophole soon enough. Indeed, it was quick to act on a similar loophole that allowed users to qualify for Amazon free delivery by adding a cheap CD or book to an order when it first introduced a conditional free delivery system.

Act quickly if you aim on using this trick then, or start hunting for a new shopping stop on the web. You could always, you know, go to ye olde brick and mortar shop -- I hear it's still free to carry your own shopping home from one of those.