iOS 9 Could Include Apple Transit Data for Public Transport in Maps

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's been a long, hard road to relevance for Apple Maps. Introduced back in 2012 to wide criticism, it's been slowly improving ever since, but still struggles to match the might of Google's mapping data. An iOS 9 update however may bring with it much-needed public transport data. Enough to get you to ditch Google Maps?

Probably not, but it's something Apple has been working on for a while. According to 9to5Mac, citing unnamed sources, Apple is preparing to release its updated Transit service along with its iO9 update. For those that have bemoaned Apple Maps' comparative feature holes, you'll remember this as being shelved quietly just before last year's WWDC conference. Hopefully that's been a year well spent by Apple, ensuring that if and when its public transport navigation feature touches down, it won't be marred by the bugs and inaccuracies that have historically plagued Apple Maps.

Alongside some general UI changes for Apple Maps, Transit will offer bus, train and subway routes to the mobile app. A trip-planning feature will also reportedly sit next to a "transit view" giving an overview of local public transport network options.

Though Transit is expected to land alongside iOS 9 at WWDC 2015 this coming June, don't be surprised if its features are limited to the US at first. International transport systems are varied and complex, and though many APIs now exist to track public transport options which Apple could tap into easily, don't be surprised if it prioritises perfecting the routes for its local US users ahead of any other customers. [9to5Mac]