Is the LG G4c a Smaller Version of the G4?

By Tom Pritchard on at

The LG G4 may have only been announced a couple of days ago, but you can't stop the rumour mill from coming up with something new. Already word is spreading that LG might be working on a smaller version of its latest flagship in the form of the LG G4c.

Phone makers do tend to release smaller versions of its flagship handsets, so this development is hardly a surprise, though most of them tend to wait a couple of months before they do so. The G4 isn't even out yet, and we're already hearing about it's little brother thanks to a listing on a Dutch retail site.

According to the listing the phone will be released on the 12th May, and will cost €330 (£214). The only other information that the site lists is that the phone's model number is LG-H525N, which tells us a grand total of nothing. There aren't even any specs for us to speculate over.

I certainly wouldn't take this news as gospel truth, especially since it makes no sense that LG would want to release a smaller version of its handset so quickly. You'd think if it had it in the works it would've announced it alongside the flagship, right?. If anything more pops up you can be sure that we'll let you know about it. [ via Ubergizmo]