Jaguar's Eye Tracking Wiper Clears Rain, Not Tears

By Nick Cowen on at

Now here's an automobile enhancement you probably never even knew that you needed: the ability to activate a windshield wiper with your eyes. Yes, you read that correctly.

Ar a time when most new cars entering the market are bristling with enough tech and sensors to put the spinners in Blade Runner to shame (although we're still waiting on that flying car), Jaguar's announcement at CES this year that it was going to be using eye and facial tracking technology developed by Seeing Eye was enough to turn heads.

Initially, it was assumed the tech would simply be used to monitor the facial and eye movements of drivers to detect drowsiness and alert them when that happened. Now, according to GizMag, Jaguar Land Rover has filed a patent for eye-tracking software that would allow drivers to activate their rear window's wiper, simply by looking at it.

While that may sound like some nifty, yet unnecessary parlour trick, the logic behind it is sound; if you've set your rear window's wiper to clear the window of rain water at intervals, rather than at a constant pace, there's a good chance when you check your rearview, your vision could be obscured.

That's where the eye-tracking technology comes in. According to the patent, a quick check in the rearview by the driver will result in the rear-window wiper giving the window an extra wipe. Given as how we haven't driven a hatchback in ages, we aren't sure how much of an issue this is for some drivers, but hey, go technology, eh? [Gizmag]