Jeremy Clarkson Admits His Exit From Top Gear "Was My Own Silly Fault"

By Nick Cowen on at

Jeremy Clarkson has admitted that his departure from Top Gear was of his own doing – but that he's not necessarily finished with the show.

In an interview with Chris Evans, Clarkson, who was dropped from the motoring magazine programme after a 'fracas' with the show's producer Oison Tymon – or as we like to call it, Steakgate – said that his axing from the show "was my own silly fault" and that no longer appearing on the show had left a “big hole that needs to be filled” in his life.

However, while he admitted that he'd been approached by other broadcasters offering various opportunities, he wasn't in a hurry to take on a new show or project.

"I'd be a fool jump into something," Clarkson told Evans. "I have been at the BBC for 27 years. When you emerge after 27 years, you find the world is changed. When you learn how the world works, you can start to work out what to do."

Clarkson also hinted that he may not be entirely finished with Top Gear. When Evans opined that Clarkson's co-hosts, James May and Richard Hammond could return for the next season of Top Gear, Clarkson pointed out, "well so can I. I’m not sacked, remember”.

This last little tidbit may provide a glimmer of hope for Top Gear fans, if the idea of a £150 million hole in the BBC's earnings wasn't enough. Clarkson has been courted by Sky for years and with Amazon and Netflix jockeying for position, it's unlikely the BBC would revamp one of its highest earning shows simply on principle. After all, this is showbiz.