Lenovo's Magic View Smartwatch Offers Privacy With Dual Screens

By Nick Cowen on at

Lenovo has just unveiled a prototype smartwatch, which it seems convinced will clear up that 'issue' facing devices of this type. You know: the niggle about how big to make the display? Make it too big and the watch looks unwieldy. Make it too small and you're having to squint at the myriad apps you want to access. That? Yeah, we hate that too!

Lenovo's Magic View smartwatch, which it just showed at its World Tech Conference in Beijing, comes with dual-screens. Alongside the main watch face, the Magic View has a second screen situated just beneath it on the strap. Lenovo says that the second screen boosts the image on the main screen to 20 times its size, as long as you hold the second screen up to your eye.

In the demo at World Tech, Lenovo showed off some of the applications such as maps, video and photo slideshows. It's an interesting idea, but we're not sure how much it'll catch on. Do you fancy accessing larger images by holding a watch up to your eye? If anything it'll make it easier for a date to spot that you're somewhat distracted with your shiny new bauble, no?