LG G4 Hits Shops This Week

By Nick Cowen on at

LG has announced that its latest handset is available to buy this week, but eve if you stump up the requisite sheckles for an LG G4 you might not get it until the end of the month.

The LG G4 is being rolled out to "key markets" around the globe, starting in Hong Kong. The phone will then be made available to consumers in Turkey, Russia, Singapore and then Europe, with the Americas following after that. It's expected to reach the UK on May 28th.

If you're one of those people eagerly awaiting its arrival, and you can't wait for deals and packages offered by mobile carriers, Amazon.co.uk is listing a SIM-free version for the UK for £599.99. Feast your eyes on what you'd be getting for this amount. Then again, you could always use the money for an overseas trip that would probably last you a week and a bit. Your call.