Instant Tablet Replays Coming to Wembley Crowd

By Gary Cutlack on at

A lucky group of fans at the forthcoming FA Cup final will get to see live action replays accessed directly from their tablets, as event organisers launch a system that employs multiple angle replays for viewers to pull up on demand.

The Times says the trial is only for a specific group of supporters sitting in the box seats this year, with replays available to view within a minute of stuff happening on the pitch. EE is handling the development of it all, claiming that the replay app ought to be ready for prime time within a year or so, with future plans involving hooking it up to all the live cameras in the stadium or even, should a man be convinced it's a good idea and paid handsomely, to a chest camera worn by a player.

According to The Times, the trial is an attempt to digital-up Wembley in general, with the replays joined by a new contactless payment system compatible with NFC mobiles to speed the buying of pies at half time. EE's already done some of the background work, trialling a local network inside the stadium that can deliver connections of over 400Mbps -- which you'll almost certainly need to watch footage beamed live from the chest of Tom Cleverley. [The Times]

Image credit: Wembley from Shutterstock