Locals Plan Vigil for Cow Murdered by Armed Police

By Gary Cutlack on at

Bessie, the cow shot by armed police in Newcastle recently, will be remembered this Friday, with a memorial vigil planned to let locals express the sadness at her sad, tarmac-based passing.

The cow was one of three that escaped from the Rising Sun Country Park over the weekend. A helicopter and six armed police were, bafflingly, called in to help round up the escaped cows, as city folk, bewildered by these mysterious four-legged hairy monsters, panicked about what to do.

Northumbria Police said Bessie was in a bad state and had been becoming "increasingly distressed" and confused by the urban situation she found herself in, causing possible danger to the public and leading to the shooting.

That sad and serious veterinary fact seems to have passed the masses by, with over 7,000 people "liking" the Bessie RIP Facebook page -- and more than 400 saying they plan to attend the candlelit vigil. The cow has become one of the social media stars of the day, trending on Twitter and being talked about on Radio 5.

Bessie is also on Twitter, which doesn't make much sense as she's a dead cow, plus, with internet fame half-life being what it is, interest will have dwindled to nothing long before Friday. [BBC]