London Set for Influx of Satanists as Super Evil-Looking Statue Unveiled

By Nick Cowen on at

The epitome of evil has been unveiled at Marble Arch.

Well not really. A statue of a cat with spiky bat's wings with a maw turned into a permanent scream has been unveiled. We're sure it won't scare the tots.

Cast in solid bronze and weighing in at four tonnes, ‘She Guardian’, which was sculpted and designed by Russian artist Dashi Namdakov, shall now silently scream at the Big Smoke for all eternity - or until the raven leave the tower, whichever comes first.

"Marble Arch is our prime location for which we only use the best possible work. Hopefully this piece will inspire and delight in equal measure," Councillor Robert Davis, deputy leader of Westminster City Council said.

"Anyone wishing to worship the Prince Of Darkness need only pitch up in the middle of the night and begin chanting. However, they will need to bring their own candles," he added. No he didn't. We just made that last quote up.

So, London has a new statue - which may compliment the number of dragon statues littered about the place designating the breaks between The City and the rest of London. For our money it looks like something that should appear in the opening credits of Game Of Thrones, which, admittedly, is pretty bloody cool.