How's This for a Look at the London Underground Tube of the Future

By Nick Cowen on at

You know what London Underground platforms need? More blue! Blue all over the place. Blue on the roof. Blue on the tracks. Blue on the walls. Blue!

That's one of the many artists impressions that have been created for Pavement To Platform, a new exhibition being held at Studio Egret West in Clerkenwell. As part of the London Festival of Architecture, the exhibition will see futuristic recreations of what the platforms in the Tube may look like... well, er, in the future.

Pavement To Platform will also feature events and discussions about the current state of the Underground and how the network may change in the future.

If gazing at the future of the Underground sound like the sort of thing that floats your boat – or runs your train – then you'll have to book tickets. The exhibition runs from June 4th to 7th and tickets have to be booked in advance. I'm supposed to work in a joke about delays at this point, but it's the end of the day and I'm tired [insert joke here].