Lower the Drink-Drive Limit to Scottish Levels, Say Police

By Nick Cowen on at

Police want the drink-drive limit in England and Wales to be lowered from 80mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood to 50mg, to bring levels in line with those in Scotland.

“We would like to see a lower drink-drive limit, as most other European countries have, as well as Scotland, which saw a marked reduction in failed breathalyser tests as soon as the law was changed last year," Victoria Martin, chief inspector with the Police Federation for England and Wales told The Daily Telegraph. “We would like to see road safety back on the national and local agenda.”

According to data released by the Department Of Transport, the number of casualties associated with drunk driving has fallen quite a bit since 1979 – when the DOT started collating statistics – but the Police Federation says that this is largely because male drivers have changed their drinking habits.

The Police Federation adds that the same can not be said of female drivers: data shows that the number of convictions of woman caught driving under the influence has remained roughly the same.

“We’ve seen a steep decline in men drink-driving over the years, with targeted advertising campaigns, which is great, but women don’t seem to be getting the same message," Martin told The Daily Telegraph. "It seems we have a worrying trend, with females still flouting the drink-drive limit, sometimes scarily unaware, putting themselves and others in danger as well as adding to the drain on police resources.”