Mad Max 2's Stuntman Was So Hardcore He Carried on Filming With Broken Vertebra

By Nick Cowen on at

With the release of Mad Max: Fury Road approaching like a 'fuel-injected suicide machine', it's worth remembering that this series of post-apocalyptic films contains some of the most eye-watering vehicle stunts ever put on film.

A few days ahead of Tom Hardy's appearance as the leather clad wasteland warrior, the lovely folk over at i09 have compiled a fact-filled vid on the series. Among the trivia offered is information on the film's director, George Miller - such as the fact that he started off as a doctor in A&E - and the fact that the actor who played The Toecutter in the original Mad Max features as the villain in the new film.

It also goes into some detail about the stunts in the Mad Max films - and some of the injuries that stunt personnel suffered. One instance saw a biker break his leg in Mad Max: The Road Warrior, bending the steel pin holding his leg together from a previous injury 20 degrees in the wrong direction. If that doesn't sound painful enough for you, another stuntman, who didn't like how his car rolled on the first take, broke his vertebra and his heel on the second take and still managed to complete the shot. Both those two stunts are apparently still in the film. Talk about going beyond the call of duty.

Oh, and the director of all three Mad Max films was also responsible for Happy Feet and Babe: Pig In The City. What, you can't see the shared themes there?

Mad Max: Fury Road is out on May the 14th. Here's hoping there weren't too many broken bones involved in its creation.