Mad Max Fury Road: How Was it For You?

By Gerald Lynch on at

I can't remember ever going to the cinema outside of a premiere screening and seeing the audience stand up and cheer and applaud as a film's credits rolled. But that's what happened when I caught a multiplex showing of Mad Max: Fury Road on Friday night. And boy, was it well deserved.

Brutal, bizarre, artistic and thoughtful, it's everything you'd want from a blockbuster. The first 10 minutes are filled with more invention than some Hollywood flicks fit into two hours, and the action continues at a relentless pace from there on in. If you need convincing, read our full review -- it's already the movie to beat this summer.

So, knowing you let as well as I do, I'm guessing a fair few of you went to see the film too. How was it for you? What was your favourite set piece? Where you as wowed by all the real-life stunt work as I was? And who kicked more arse -- Tom Hardy's Max or Charlize Theron's Furiosa? Go spoiler-crazy in the comments section, and note that you've been warned to stay above the fold if you've yet to catch the film. Spoilers are a'coming.