Make GTA V Even More Insane With These 10 Mad Mods

By Nick Cowen on at

The Grand Theft Auto series on PC has always been a haven for modders. Perhaps its the ability to create endless chaos that appeals. Maybe it's the notion of playing God for a bit in a city devoid of morals. Whatever it is, the recently released Grand Theft Auto V PC edition has already produced quite a few worthwhile mods for those who like their entertainment a little left of the dial. If Trevor's antics are a little tame for your unhinged tastes, give this selection of these truly insane mods a whirl. Once you've found the ones you like, head here to download them.

1. The Car Gun

What's your gun loaded with? High-caliber rounds? Hollow-points? Cross-cut bullets? That's pretty weak next to a gun that shoots cars. Yes, you can blast targets with volleys of different makes of automobiles in GTA V, simply by squeezing the trigger. Well, sorta. You don't actually shoot cars out of your gun - instead you spawn a speeding car at your protagonist's position with a mouse-click. So there, that's one fun illusion ruined for you.

2. Gravity Gun

What's better than shooting cars at targets? Well, shooting anything you're able to pick up, really. With the Gravity Gun mod you can pick up cars, bikes, pedestrians and loose bits of scenery and turn them into projectiles. Fancy taking out a helicopter with a cop? Or how about taking out a truck with a helicopter? Or a cop with a truck? You get the idea.

3. Flying

If you want to explore every inch of Los Santos but you really don't fancy nicking or piloting a plane, then download the flying mod. For some reason you'll have to be wearing a parachute - which gifts your protagonist the ability to fly at a reasonably fast speed across the city. Work on your landing, though...

4. Too much water!

Some modders have become rather Biblical in their approach to tinkering with Los Santos and created a means to flood the horrible place. The mod makes the city look like it's just been hit by a tidal wave and most of the city is underwater - with only some raised areas in Vinewood and the city centre providing platforms to run about on. Swimming through it is a rather eerie experience - you'll spot vehicles and pedestrians floating about beneath the waves. It's also available on a modded PS3 if you don't have PC...

5. No water at all!

Then again you could always opt to drain all the water from around Los Santos, creating a rather post-apocalyptic look to the beachfronts in the city. As this video points out, this mod creates canyons players can fly through and some rather decent makeshift dirt bike tracks to trundle around.

6. Become an animal

If you thought that a choice between three human protagonists was a bit limited, you could always play as an animal. Take your pick - dog, cat, lion, albatross, rat, chimpanzee - as the options are pretty extensive. Furthermore being an animal doesn't limit what you can do. Take selfies as a cat, drive cars as a monkey and crush targets as a humpback whale. Seriously.

7. Trade Chop for a shark (or a mountain lion)

If you've never considered yourself much of a dog person, you can always use one of the game's mods to change the skin of your canine companion to something more exotic. You can take a shark for a walk in the park, or sic a mountain lion on unwitting fellow pedestrians. Pity there doesn't seem to be a mod to allow you to play frisbee with a chicken.

8. Vehicle control

Total vehicle control probably doesn't qualify as 'crazy' per say, but it's incredibly handy on heist missions. Given that you have the ability to leave the engine running and the door to your car open with a couple of keystrokes, your getaway time is cut quite substantially. You can also play with the indicators and pop the bonnet and boot in mid chase, if you like.

9. Los Santos riots

If you're just in the mood for an endless killing spree - and let's face it, who isn't occasionally? - then you can have some fun with the Pedestrian Riot mod. This essentially makes everyone in Los Santos go bonkers and start killing each other. It's worth stocking up on guns and ammo before attempting this, though, because a lot of the NPCs are armed and they won't go down without a fight.

10. Space Jump

If you've decided that base jumping off the skyscrapers in Los Santos and its surrounding mountains, you can always go on a space jump. Use the mod to take a cargo plane beyond the sandbox's event horizon and then bail out for one of the most epic freefalls you'll ever experience. If you get bored watching your protagonist fall to earth, feel free to switch up their skin; have animals rain down from the sky, if you like.