Mass Effect Director Casey Hudson Joins HoloLens Team

By Nick Cowen on at

Ever heard of Casey Hudson? If not, he's the bloke who acted as Project Director at BioWare during the time it was pumping out the Mass Effect series – one of the best science fiction RPGs of all time (its lousy ending notwithstanding).

Well, it seems that he's moved on to pastures new. A recent blog post on Xbox Wire has announced that Hudson has joined Microsoft as Creative Director at Microsoft Studios where, among other things, he'll be working on Xbox One, HoloLens and "other awesome projects". (Maybe a new RPG with a decent ending -ed.) He'll be reporting to Kudo Tsunoda, the CVP of Microsoft's next-gen experiences and former Kinect module cheerleader.

"My primary focus will be the creative direction of HoloLens Experiences," Hudson told Xbox Wire. "I am extremely passionate about the potential of this kind of technology, as anyone who’s talked with me over the last couple of years can attest."

Frankly you don't need to have talked to Hudson to glean that information – just play the Mass Effect series. As far as plonking you in an entirely new world goes, that franchise accomplishes total escapism better than most of its contemporaries. We suspect that working on a piece of kit that looks like it's straight out of Mass Effect probably has something to do with Hudson's attraction.

What Hudson's arrival does signify, is that for all the talk of the myriad applications HoloLens could have, gaming seems to be one of the main ones Microsoft is concentrating on.