MegaUpload's Seized Domains are Now Linking To Malware

By Nick Cowen on at

It hasn't been a superb week for the US authorities. Oh sure, there was the FIFA bust on Wednesday, but that occurred around about the same time that news emerged that the Pentagon inadvertently sent Anthrax spores to several labs. Now it turns out that the Feds may be somewhat responsible for slinging out porn and malware. Sound weird? You have no idea...

The Register is reporting that some of MegaUpload's file-sharing websites - that were seized by US authorities -  are now allegedly slinging out links to scams, malware and porn. The reason? Apparently the FBI didn't renew one of its own domains.

The domain in question is The Cyber Initiative and Resource Fusion Unit (or, which the Department of Justice no longer controls. TorrentFreak reports that now lists "Syndk8 Media Limited” as a registrant and now points to a Dutch server hosted by LeaseWeb.

The result of all of this is that Megaupload and Megavideo are now being run by someone other than the Feds and they're currently linking to malware and other malicious software.

The irony of this situation has not been lost on Kim Dotcom - MegaUpload's head honcho who is currently fighting extradition to the United States. He took to Twitter for a quick gloat, saying "The FBI killed #Megaupload and seized our domains. Now they have lost control and  is linking to porn, malware & scams."

“With U.S. Assistant Attorney Jay Prabhu the DOJ in Virginia employs a guy who doesn’t know the difference between civil & criminal law," Dotcom told TorrentFreak.

"And after this recent abuse of our seized Mega domains I wonder how this guy was appointed Chief of the Cybercrime Unit when he can’t even do the basics like safeguard the domains he has seized.”

Well. That's the DOJ told, innit? The Register