Microsoft Man Accuses Google of Abandoning Android and Ignoring Security Issues

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft's Terry Myerson, who is the company's OS division boss, has had a bit of a go at Google's Android philosophy, claiming its rival is happy to ship masses of devices but not quite so bothered about updating them with modern versions of the OS to protect its users from vulnerabilities.

Myerson was speaking at the Microsoft Ignite conference, where he said: "Google ships a big pile of [pause for imagined rude word] code, with no commitment to update your device," adding that "Google takes no responsibility to update customer devices and refuses to take responsibility to update their devices, leaving end users and businesses increasingly exposed every day they use an Android device."

Some of his negative words are enshrined forever on the Windows Blog, where Myerson is trying to position Windows 10 as the most secure option of all the competing mobile operating systems -- even though it's not out yet and therefore not hacked to pieces yet.

He's also ignoring the fact that it's historically been pretty clear that it's the network partners and phone manufacturers that have always had the responsibility to update their Android devices, with Google only managing the OS on the pure Nexus models. So blaming Google alone for people still being lumbered with Android 2.2 on their Chinese tablet is a bit of a misdirection. [Windows Blog via The Verge]