Microsoft's Cortana is Coming to iPhone and Android

By Nick Cowen on at

Cortana may have bitten the bullet at the end of Halo 4, but that doesn't seem to have slowed her IP down much. It turns out that Microsoft is bringing the voice assistant to platforms beyond Windows Phone. Cortana will be available for both the iPhone and Android Phone platforms. Well, they say you can't keep a good AI down (no they don't –ed.).

The news falls in line with Microsoft's new attitude to developers under CEO Satya Nadella, which runs counter to the Redmond software giant's past policy of not working with outside developers.

According to engadget, the iOS and Android versions of Cortana won't come with all the bells and whistles it currently does on Windows Phone OS. You won't have voice-activation functionality, for example. Yelling "Hey, Cortana" at your phone will simply earn you some quizzical stares from nearby by-standers. But you will have access to features like weather, routing and mapping, traffic, sports scores and the like.

Microsoft also revealed something called "Phone Companion" that helps you sync your handset – be it iPhone, Android or Windows Phone – with your PC. This means that if you're a PC user running Windows, it should take the hurt out of your life if the OS of your handset doesn't match up with your PCs OS. Where once Microsoft insisted, now they plan to cajole.