Mission to Mars 'Is Real and It's Attainable' Says NASA

By Nick Cowen on at

While NASA is still getting to grips with the dangers of sending a team of astronauts to Mars - space radiation being one of them - the US space agency remains undeterred in its plans to reach the red planet.

NASA administrator, Charles Bolden, who is arguably the highest ranking NASA official connected with the mission to Mars, has announced that humankind's arrival on Mars is attainable - and on track. It's just going to take a few more decades.

"We are on pace to send American astronauts to Mars in the 2030s," Bolden told delegates at the annual Human to Mars Summit in Washington DC. "There is a new consensus around this timetable and this goal, and the plan is clear, affordable, and sustainable.It is my firm belief we are closer to getting there than ever before in human civilization."

"The journey to Mars is real, it's attainable, and it matters to humanity and human progress," he said. [Motherboard]