Modders Flood GTA V and Create an Insane "Car Gun"

By Nick Cowen on at

Grand Theft Auto V has offered modders heaps of opportunities to tinker about in Los Santos, creating everything from personalised licence plates to gravity guns to the ability to dress up as a cop and fight crime without getting a Wanted level.

We thought we'd seen it all until someone came up with the idea of creating a gun that shoots cars. Yes, you read that correctly: instead of firing bullets at your enemies, you can now fire cars. Over on Mashable there's a link to the script you need to do download in order to do this and then before you know it, you'll be taking out your enemies with a Buick. Or the GTA V approximation of that vehicle.

That having been said, this mod is only available in single-player mode; the scripts you download to unleash the Car Cannon don't allow you to get into GTA Online, possibly because Rockstar believes that there should be limits on your ability to grief other players.

Elsewhere, a couple of modders have decided to turn Los Santos into Waterworld by changing the game's weather cycle and causing a tsunami that's flooded the entire city leaving only its highest peaks available for pedestrians.

This isn't the first time that a modder has visited Bill Hicks's fantasy about Los Angeles on Rockstar's approximation of the City Of Angels; Kotaku noted that a modder named Bushigan managed to bring the water to downtown Los Santos on a modded PS3.