New Black Mirror Season May be a Netflix Exclusive

By Nick Cowen on at

With Charlie Brooker said to be working on new Black Mirror episodes, the Radio Times is reporting that the tech-noir drama series  may not be broadcast by Channel 4, but by Netflix instead.

Apparently, Brooker's nightmare visions of the future have found a rather sizable audience in the USA, with our American cousins keen to engage in gatherings called 'Black Mirror' parties.

All of this has led to Brooker being wooed by streaming media giant Netflix, which according to 'well-placed sources' cited by the Radio Times, which is keen for Brooker to pen some new episodes for its service. (Bloody foreigners, comin' over 'ere, takin' our dystopian drama series).

Such is the interest in Black Mirror Stateside, Endemol Shine North America has confirmed it's considering an American version of the show. There's even been talk of a Black Mirror movie - Robert Downey Jnr - yes, Iron Man - has optioned the rights for the third episode of Black Mirror's first series, The Entire History Of You. If you never saw it, it featured Toby Kebbel playing a lawyer in a future where implants allow individuals to record and playback every single moment of their lives. It's like Facebook without any lag - and far more horrendous.

In spite of all of the this, Black Mirror may not  be going anywhere just yet. The Radio Times quotes sources at Channel 4 saying the broadcaster has every intention of trying to acquire more episodes of Black Mirror once they're available. That having been said, a Black Mirror movie would be a tasty proposition - if not for a first date. [Radio Times]