Newcastle's #Distracted Campaign Wants to Save Teens From Being Run Over While Texting

By Nick Cowen on at

If you're one of the young folk in Newcastle at risk of being turned into paint by oncoming cars because you can't put your smartphone down for five seconds, the recently launched #distracted campaign has your back. Or at least it's attempting to.

Newcastle City Council has launched the #distracted initiative after it found that the number of people who landed up in accidents while they were using their phone or zoning out to the music in their headphones had increased.

"We started this campaign with Northumbria Police to highlight how a small change in your behaviour, such as looking before crossing the road, can make a real difference to your safety," Labour neighbourhoods cabinet member Nick Kemp said.

The campaign reminds us of The Magic Trick road safety campaign recently launched in Switzerland, except without the disturbing advert showing a teen being smashed by a car. Apparently the people most likely to be involved in these types of accidents are aged between 18 and 22. Pay attention, kids.